The mercury beating heart

The mercury beating heart is an electrochemical redox reaction between the elements mercury, iron and chromium. The reaction causes a blob of mercury in water to oscillate.

Tears in Space

 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield "currently residing in the International Space Station ISS shared a new clip in the chain which deals with the more traditional questions about the ways and means of daily life in space .. Video deals with what happens if you cried in the space? Logic that tears dripping drops due to gravity .. But what if gravity is zero, what will happen?Watch the following video to know the answer of this question ..

First cartoon ever

First cartoon ever
 You are now about to watch the first animated film in history was launched this short film on August 17, 1908 is composed of 700 static image was painted sequentially by French photographer "Émile Cohl" who is considered the father of animated films and the owner of the idea .. The short film titled "illusions Fantasmagorie" ..


Man risks his life every day to be able to smoke!

 On what appears to be smoking is banned inside the corridors of the building did not prevent this man from exercising his habit, even if it means risking his life ..