If you faced some of the real' Zombies' How will you react !!.

 Hollywood produced many horror films that rely on the figures 'Zombies' or dead living that met with admiration and acclaim great fan of horror movies in the world, which prompted producers to sophistication in the production of new stories for those types of personalities.

But all that did not exceed the framework of the cinemas which displays those movies, without going outside the framework of representation and direct contact with the real world and to seek directly to people in the street and sitting with all the places they visit.

And the effect cinema in the real world and in particular those types of works of art, which has become the focus of attention young by adults sometimes, some of the artists the idea of ​​crazy is come down with 'Zombies' to the streets of New York to get to know the reaction of the population of that city, which has long been the target of "Zombies"in their lives within their films.

The result of that experience impressive it was found that nearly 95% of those who encountered these living  dead afflicted with a state of terror and panic, which would indicate to have those types of films on the unconscious mind to those who saw even one film by the character of "zombie".

When people saw simulates what he saw on the movie screen summoned the subconscious or unconscious that experience he believed that what he sees for real and not representative.
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