Five biggest mistakes in history

Five biggest mistakes committed in history and are as follows:
When he sold "George Harishn" of South Africa ranch to mining company with ten pounds only to non-suitability for agriculture, while embarked company to exploit, discovered the largest gold mine at all, and later became the mine is responsible for 70% of gold production in the world.
The second mistake is in one of the nights in 1696 when baker British "Geoffenz" went to bed, but forgot extinguish the flame of a small stayed in his oven, has led this grave mistake to ignite his home and then home neighbors then lanes adjacent, even burned half of London and killed thousands of its inhabitants, and knew after the great fire, and although it only "Geoffenz" himself was not hurt.
In 1347, some of the mice entered into three Italian ships were at anchor in China, and when I got to the Italian port of Messina came out of them, and published the plague in the city and then in the whole of Italy. The plague had already killed half of China's population at the time, then from Italy spread throughout Europe, killing a third of its population in just ten years.
Remember to some sources, one of the kings of British disagreed with the pope at a time when Britain was a Catholic and retaliation campus Pope mated British which inflicted King embarrassed in front of his people, and out of this impasse request from Kings of Tribes in Andalusia send some sheikhs to turn Britain to Islam Defiance Vatican However, Muslims and then failed to implement this request until the news arrived to the Pope, The parties concerned dispute and lifting a prohibition decision.
During the Battle of Tours "near Poitiers" in France, where in this battle Muslims repeat the same fatal mistake in The Battle of Uhud  he retreated to protect their loot Army "Charlemagne", were defeated and stopped crawling on the entire Islamic Europe. He says a British historians: if not defeated the Arabs at Poitiers, you have seen the Quran is recited and interpreted in Cambridge and Oxford.

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