Classic Games.

 Games are very old but still alive, maybe she is greater than your age and my age, but still successful and widespread, the first Tetris game invented by engineer Soviet, and the game of X or invented by the ancient Egyptians, snake game that has spread in the nineties in mobile phone handsets, game frog that risking his life a crossing street, and PacMan hungry pizza game hungry.

Invented this game a computer engineer in the former Soviet Union during his work at the Center for Computing of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was finished writing the code the game in 1984, which was soon so long been appropriate code for the computers IBM, after years sold this game in the West and won the wow The rapid spread not unprecedented. While playing on the player order forms slowly falling from the top of the target arrangement whatsoever without the spaces at the bottom of the screen.
Buttons to play: Use the arrows to move, ctrl or space to drop shapes, P to pause the game, Q out of them, M to silence the sound.

Ancient Egyptian game has been converted to a computer program that before we play the school's books, the aim of this game complete line three identical shapes either X or O, game buttons: Use the mouse, Q out, M to mute the sound.
The video game first appeared in the mid-seventies of the last century, famous for this game in years ninety when she appeared in the organs of the mobile phone, in the game controlled player on the snake long thin wandering in a closed attic to collect food, and the more food increased the length of the snake and difficult to control it. Game Buttons: Shares in the keyboard to move, P or vacuum to pause, M to mute the sound.
Or Frogger appeared this game in 1981 by a Japanese company called Konami, the hero of the game is a frog want to cross the street fast and the  rough river on the way out to avoid vehicles and avoid drowning in the river and to beware of crocodiles that exist in the river, known for the game in Japan and then the United States and still teaches to this day. Game Buttons: Shares in the keyboard to move, P or vacuum to pause, M to mute the sound.
developed this game in 1980 in Japan, the inventor of the game Toru Iwatani his mind the idea came up during a pizza eaters, won the game on the world famous, must Pacman yellow to swallow pills and avoid chasing his four monsters. Game Buttons: Use the arrows to the movement, P to pause the game, Q out, M to mute the sound.

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