Astrolabes, clocks and personal computers used for more than 700 years.

Astrolabes, clocks and personal computers used for more than 700 years when Arabs and Muslims (Photos Video)
The astrolabe of the oldest mechanical machines that have been used widely in many purposes necessary in everyday life in the time of renaissance of Arabs and Muslims,one of American writers in an article fast describing as astrolabes (iPod of time without music), because you can by astrolabe to know the time and day during the month and identify trends and where you are and many other applications. Many who heard  by astrolabe but little ones who know what are its uses and how it works. Astrolabe is a device used by astronomers and the travelers and scientists medieval astrology Commonly used in the Muslim world, one of the innovations that are referred to stigmatized when enumerating the most important achievements and innovations in the Islamic Renaissance.

Muslims used the astrolabe mainly to determine the Qibla direction and prayer times and there are other uses such as determining the positions of the sun and the moon and the planets and the stars and determine the local time by setting Latitude and vice versa, and other uses. The following image shows the manuscript contains an article entitled "astrolabic message" for the Muslim world Nasir al-Din Tusi shows how the astrolabe works.
Developed the Arabs and Muslims working astrolabe dramatically and was the first to use him in the eighth century by the mathematician Muhammad Alvazeri and was used primarily to determine the Qibla and prayer times, especially Fajr prayer. In the tenth century Sufi reminded the world in his book more than 100 use the Astrolabe in the fields of astronomy and astrology, astronomy, navigation, surveying and set the time in addition to prayer and Qibla.
The first description of the circular Astrolabe return to the scientist Abu Abbas Fadl ibn Hatim Alnerezi The first invention of mechanical Astrolabe was on by scientist Isfahan Abi Bakr in 1235 and in the video at the end of article explains how it works, invented by this scientist. Next image metal Astrolabe of the eighteenth century.
Astrolabe consists from a disk called "Mother" and is deeply some thing so that room for plate or two or more are called "drum" and is determined to latitude specific and engraved with the emergence of a model of the circles indicate the azimuth angle and latitude and represents that part of the sky ball above the local horizon. picture of the main parts of the Astrolabe.

The edge of the disk, "Mother" usually listed like clocks or arc gradients, or both. Over the mother and drum  there is a "web" that carry prominent special level of the ecliptic and several indicators identify sites more star lighting and this web represent the sky and works as a slab of stars and  when it spins the stars and sun's path  move toward prominence on the drum, spin one session represents a full day. Some types of Astrolabe       it be connected with a ruler moving on the web and may be listed and defined a certain tendency this kind.
 Simple video shows how astrolabe works.

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