In Austria after melting snow from the mountains filled a park named green  lake with water to form a seasonal lake , with a water depth where eight meters while the plants, flowers and trees are still intact problem so park very beauty and magnificence swim the fish through the branches of the trees and over the flowers, clip worth watching for strangeness and the addition of the masterpieces of nature.


The strangest buildings Demolition in the world: building shrink gradually in Japan!

It is already a very smart idea, there is no need for explosives and this is way cleaner and less annoyance and eco-friendly and most of that generate electricity .. Watch this strange way in the following video to a 40-storey building is shrinking in Japan.

optical illusion

 When I wanted the application of this trick in the beginning I found difficult to look at lines overlapping moving to the center of the screen for 30 seconds, but I decided that continued after the Thirty second look at my hands, holding mouse device to see wonder, really trick may be frightening somewhat, but it deserves to play them. Enter the following page and press the click me to get trippy then see to the center of the screen for 30 seconds, and immediately afterwards given the hand holding a mouse and tell us what you see!


Incredible bungee jumping

 Bungee jump means jumping from high places where the feet tied with a rubber rope, jumping is usually from high places such as bridges, buildings, and even sometimes used cranes platform for this dangerous sport, and there are those who jump from moving objects such as aircraft helicopter or balloon.Appears in this section group of young people I do not know what can I describe them  madmen or adventurers who are carrying out a death leap, I would not advise such adventure or madness never.


If you faced some of the real' Zombies' How will you react !!.

 Hollywood produced many horror films that rely on the figures 'Zombies' or dead living that met with admiration and acclaim great fan of horror movies in the world, which prompted producers to sophistication in the production of new stories for those types of personalities.

But all that did not exceed the framework of the cinemas which displays those movies, without going outside the framework of representation and direct contact with the real world and to seek directly to people in the street and sitting with all the places they visit.

And the effect cinema in the real world and in particular those types of works of art, which has become the focus of attention young by adults sometimes, some of the artists the idea of ​​crazy is come down with 'Zombies' to the streets of New York to get to know the reaction of the population of that city, which has long been the target of "Zombies"in their lives within their films.

The result of that experience impressive it was found that nearly 95% of those who encountered these living  dead afflicted with a state of terror and panic, which would indicate to have those types of films on the unconscious mind to those who saw even one film by the character of "zombie".

When people saw simulates what he saw on the movie screen summoned the subconscious or unconscious that experience he believed that what he sees for real and not representative.
Watch the video


Flying man

 Jetman Yves Rossy is fifty years of age, in 2006 became the first person to fly with wings on the back designed specifically for this experiment, the momentum derived from the four small jet engines. Appears in this video Live a wonderful acrobatic gestures and movements circular does not have one before.


Robot hummingbird

 Video is the experience of flying to at the hummingbird fast movement intended for the purpose of gathering information, can the robot move like bird in all directions and allocated to fly inside buildings carrying robot hummingbird small camera broadcast the picture to the remote control center, has been used by the devices strange is up now to the stage of commercial manufacturing.


Strangest table in the world to work and sleep

 Strangest table in the world to work and sleep for the young designer Nick DiMarco and 27-year-old. It is made from a piece of wood inside a sponge and priced at 950 £


Did you see car flip Sport?

Cars flipping
 Did you see car flip Sport?
The race is held 4 times a year
Cars flipping sport  is a recognized Sport, but a very dangerous Sport and you need a professional driver
And is starting on the speed of 60 km per hour
Do you want to be among those who practice in this sport?


Persian cat has only two legs

Persian cat
 Persian cat has only two legs
This cat is 8 years old suffered a traffic accident led to cut the feet of his feet And now he has only two feet and the owner say that his recover quickly and seems to be in a good health now and recovered fully and live happily with its owner.
Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat

The smallest frog in the world

 The smallest frog in the world is in Indonesia, and through pictures show that he is too small and can stand on its promises sulfur was retrieved by Mr. Lacy says that, when he found the frog he thought it's a snail, but he surprised of its leap.


The first computer in history

 Greek scientists has manufactured BC hundred years, which is today the first computer in the history of man, and his account astronomical events such as solar eclipses. In the beginning of the last century was the discovery of the remains of this computer and find a way currency. In the next section are displayed full version replica of this computer by LEGO pieces.


Base Jumping

 Base Jumping is a sport challenge requires jumping from high fixed places using a parachute, and varied   fixed places that are jumping from buildings, antennas elevated bridges and shelf rock, what makes this sport very interesting they may include free fall by suits winged able paratrooper from flying for a short period before opening the parachute. This sport is mostly illegal to gravity only led the lives of 123 people from 1981 to 2008.


We and our environment

 Animated feature short film of production house output U.S. Make embodies the conflict between nature and the industrial revolution by the idea of ​​showing Envirometer a measuring machine resembling a thermometer, but measures the industrial transformation and return to nature, the struggle between lovers industries and factories, and supporters of the environment and nature until they reach an understandingthe balance can live together in one world and we keep it on our environment does not dispense with the industries and the evolution.


Google' launches smart glasses to the public

'Google' launched smart Glasses to the public, but buyers device which is priced at $ 1500, will be selected through competition in which they are asked about how they intend to use those glasses.

The glasses Google is a small device in the form of glasses fitted with capabilities such as smart phones, are controlled via voice commands, and the information is stored are not visible in the corner of the field of vision of the user.

According to the Advertisement on the company's website, Google will choose the first buyers on the basis of 50 words forms are obtained through 'Google Plus' or 'Twitter' addition to the five images and video clip of 15 seconds.

The competition is open to residents of the United States who are in the age of eighteen or more, Google did not say how many devices available for sale to the winners in the competition.


Funny and strange soother for children

 Parents used since old times and many ways to distract the children there is no doubt that most parents among us recognize the great benefit of this invention and its effectiveness in calming the children for hours. In this post we will discuss images of a group of popsicles strange and funny at the design, I do not know which of you is willing to buy the like for a child but has shown a good idea and entertaining.


Where do you hide your precious items؟!

 We hide valuables hands frivolous, we hide our past from we love, do not show our true for our colleagues, we all carry secrets. Or we sometimes want to keep something for ourselves. Hideout secret project done by Iting Chingo for Hide, valuables and secrets, bad habits or personal information on our premises, has been making places hidden messages or by eight purposes such as wood panels, lamps, coffee mugs .


Classic Games.

 Games are very old but still alive, maybe she is greater than your age and my age, but still successful and widespread, the first Tetris game invented by engineer Soviet, and the game of X or invented by the ancient Egyptians, snake game that has spread in the nineties in mobile phone handsets, game frog that risking his life a crossing street, and PacMan hungry pizza game hungry.

Invented this game a computer engineer in the former Soviet Union during his work at the Center for Computing of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was finished writing the code the game in 1984, which was soon so long been appropriate code for the computers IBM, after years sold this game in the West and won the wow The rapid spread not unprecedented. While playing on the player order forms slowly falling from the top of the target arrangement whatsoever without the spaces at the bottom of the screen.
Buttons to play: Use the arrows to move, ctrl or space to drop shapes, P to pause the game, Q out of them, M to silence the sound.

Ancient Egyptian game has been converted to a computer program that before we play the school's books, the aim of this game complete line three identical shapes either X or O, game buttons: Use the mouse, Q out, M to mute the sound.
The video game first appeared in the mid-seventies of the last century, famous for this game in years ninety when she appeared in the organs of the mobile phone, in the game controlled player on the snake long thin wandering in a closed attic to collect food, and the more food increased the length of the snake and difficult to control it. Game Buttons: Shares in the keyboard to move, P or vacuum to pause, M to mute the sound.
Or Frogger appeared this game in 1981 by a Japanese company called Konami, the hero of the game is a frog want to cross the street fast and the  rough river on the way out to avoid vehicles and avoid drowning in the river and to beware of crocodiles that exist in the river, known for the game in Japan and then the United States and still teaches to this day. Game Buttons: Shares in the keyboard to move, P or vacuum to pause, M to mute the sound.
developed this game in 1980 in Japan, the inventor of the game Toru Iwatani his mind the idea came up during a pizza eaters, won the game on the world famous, must Pacman yellow to swallow pills and avoid chasing his four monsters. Game Buttons: Use the arrows to the movement, P to pause the game, Q out, M to mute the sound.

Visual tricks.

 Force Perspective  is to use illogical dimensions in the formation, these  illogical dimensions "forcing" the brain and led to the wrong analysis of the image.Used this technique in architecture for more than two thousand years, and recently used in the design of the famous Cinderella castle at Walt Disney and that will make it seem bigger than its normal size.

This technique is used in addition to the architecture in the filming of movies and photos, which are manipulated by human visual perception by exploiting the differences in the sizes of the forms and imaging or point of view of the viewer. In this post a wide range of pictures that explain well forced perspective accompanied by a link to an online source.